It’s no secret that the beauty world keeps evolving at least on a quarterly basis. So much product and breakthroughs coming in for years that it’s hard to keep up with all of the news but rest assured that it’s all for a good cause because new tech means new improvements for your skin! And today, cosmeceuticals are leading the beauty front that it’s widely accepted as the way to restore and maintain the youthfulness of your skin. Here’s why.

What are cosmeceuticals, exactly?

The term ‘cosmeceuticals’ are a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations designed to rebuild the skin. The products are formulated so that they have biologically active ingredients that have positive benefits (pharmaceutical grade, no less) for your skin. The approach comes after the public most is getting tired with skincare products that are filled with synthetic ingredients that there’s a need for an organic, natural approach for the skin.

For example, the Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) that you see in the ingredients list of your cosmeceuticals products not only make the cream powerful; its used for its ability to be an amazing antioxidant and regenerating effect for the skin. Indeed, the product not only makes your skin look bright and smooth on the outside; the ingredients formulated in the product will also change and improve the structure of your skin from within. And certainly, backed by years of research.

Are cosmeceuticals worth for the investment?

Yes, of course! if you want to rebuild your skin and keep the result! Based on years of research and countless reviews that cosmeceuticals products do help your skin to repair and rejuvenate way better than the traditional skincare products. While it’s not promised to give instant effect for a repair like cosmetic procedures, you can certainly expect to see positive changes after using the products diligently for a few weeks and with careful guidance from your skin specialist.

The key is, to find the right cosmeceuticals products fit for your skin. And the best way to do so is to seek from a skin specialist that will analyze your skin and suggest suitable products that are matched well with your skin issues. Also importantly to guide you to understand your skin and know how to use it effectively at the right times, according to what your skin and body is asking for.

O Cosmedics

And right here, I personally recommend a collection of cosmeceutical products from O Cosmedics, purely because the skin care products they have been made with the science in mind. All of their products using pure, concentrated natural ingredients such as V8 Peptide Complex™ (that are recognized worldwide), OLIVEM®1000-Crystal Skin a BIOMIMETIC restructuring agent. BIOMIMETIC to improve skin’s natural barrier, as well as Micro Encapsulated Retinol O’s skin renewal weapon for total skin rejuvenation.

In short, the ingredients are formulated carefully to ensure that it works for all skin type and do as it should for your skin.

At the moment O Cosmedics offers a wide range of product covering from cleanser, moisturizer, skin correctors, eye cream, foundation, and even a specialized skincare kits if you have particular skin concern that you want to address at the soonest.




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