The environment that we’re living in makes it harder for our skin to breathe and can play a significant part in skin damage. The solution? An intensive step to neutralize all of the damages and keeping them fully protected when you’re outside is the key.

Since our skin practically gets ‘assaulted’ on a daily basis as soon as we step out, this, in turn, causes our skin to suffer irritations, allergic reaction, and sensitivity, so much it didn’t really give our skin a chance to heal itself.

What Makes Our Skin So Vulnerable?

Some of the factors involved are the sun rays itself, posing as one of the big factors that we worry about. Nowadays the planet is getting hotter and we’re getting more sun exposure than we used to decades ago. As a result, more reported cases of skin cancers happening nearly all age groups as well as the precursor to skin cancer such as scaly, bumpy, and flaky skin.

And of course, the products that we’re using (not just skincare, but also household items) that contain ingredients that can be abrasive and – worse – carcinogenic to the skin.

A Sign That Our Skin Is Calling For Help, For a Solution

Hence, it’s safe to say that with the rising number of people suffering from multiple skin issues such as acne breakouts, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, it’s actually our skin calling for help that we need to address at the soonest before it gets worse.

Since Mars is not yet habitable for us to start over, the next best thing that we can do is truly manage our skin and making them stronger to withstand whatever elements in the environment.

We can start by going for the healthy route – healthy diet with ample amount of water to supply them with enough nutrients to repair anything that’s wrong as well as strengthen the skin’s integrity and barrier from within. If necessary, a supplement or two with skin-friendly nutrients can be a great way to protect your skin.

Keep in mind that we’re going all-out with a healthy diet, this also means to avoid the unhealthy ones as much as possible. The confirmed culprit is simple carbs, preservatives, and sugar that will affect the integrity of your skin, making them vulnerable to pollutants from the environment. I’m not kidding; anyone having a high amount of carbs and sugars tend to look older than the ones rarely consuming this type of food groups.

A good tip that I learned is to maintain the overall temperature in your home (as well as in the car and at work) by using a humidifier and letting just the right amount of sunlight into the room.

Make sure that both of your skin care and makeup products are suitable for your skin as you’ll be putting those on your skin on a regular basis, according to your skin type as well as the season. The most vital tip dermatologists implore us is to use enough amount of sunscreen to protect from damaging sun rays to your skin.

Truly, we as a mere human being unable to counter the total effects from the environment, but the steps listed here is the next best thing that we can do to strengthen the skin that eventually keeping them protected and stay youthful for longer.

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