Do you wonder why there are certain times and situations where your skin starts to behaving sort of funny all of sudden? Well, it’s no coincidence as there’s actually an underlying reason why your skin started to acting up that going all out with your trusted skincare products won’t be enough; you gotta go through the gut. Here’s why

The Connection Between Your Gut And The Skin

Studies for years have shown a clear connection between the health of our gut and the effect it has on our skin.

For example, a specific study regarding rosacea shows that people suffering from the skin issue have a rather inappropriate growth of bacteria in the small intestine. And where doctors give the subjects a probiotic mix to correct the balance, their rosacea significantly improved.

Another study involving people regularly has acne breakouts show they reacted positively against one particular strain of bacteria, as well as to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxins in the blood.

What Happens When Your Digestive Gut Health Is Not Right

This issue is what scientist call as intestinal permeability (also known as the “leaky gut”)  where any imbalance happening in the gut will cause both systemic and local inflammation in the body, and one of it affecting the skin; specifically the inflammation created will affect the protective function at the epidermis, leading to less amount of anti-microbial proteins in the skin, and in turns causing the skin to suffer.

Because of the issue happening to your skin involving your gut, the only way to solve it by focusing on what’s happening with your gut, with a healthy diet for your body. That includes digesting the food properly for better nutrient absorption, as well as knowing which food groups to eat, and to avoid for healthy skin. A gut supplement that you can try eliminates all of the hassle to deeply detoxify and maintain a healthy gut for a clear, healthy skin.

Some of the food choices that best to avoid while your skin is problematic are dairy-based products (as they tend to stimulate oil glands within the skin, leading to excess oil and potential acne breakouts).

Any type of food that is high with skin-friendly nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E that works wonders for the skin is the skin of food that you should be having a lot.

Another nutrient that is surprisingly beneficial for your skin is omega-3 fatty acid that helps to improve the skin’s structure and barrier as well as hydration levels, resulting in a strong yet supple skin. Not to mention that omega-3 also protects your skin from sun damage from premature ageing, by neutralizing free radicals in your skin.


Unfortunately, as omega-3 is not produced naturally by our body, you need to get it from food or supplement to ensure adequate intake for healthy skin. As most of us really have enough of the fatty acid on a daily basis, I highly recommend an omega-3 supplement for you to do so.


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