Micro-needling treatment has been creating a big buzz for a few years and it looks like it’s still going steady, so much that the latest model Dermapen 4 released for a more effective micro-needling treatment. For beginners, what exactly is micro-needling? and how it works for your skin? Read on.

What Is Micro-needling, And How It Works For My Skin?

Just as the name suggests, micro-needling is a treatment that involves using tiny needles from the dermapen4 to create controlled micro wounds on the skin’s surface. The depth is controlled by the skin specialist performing the treatment who knows exactly what level to treat within the skin. The depth and level treated should coincide with the cell that is in need of stimulation within the epidermis or dermis of the skin. It starts the healing mechanism and into repair mode, that gets collagen and elastin production kicking into high gear! This process, in turn, not only heals the tiny holes made initially, but it also plumps up the skin and reducing the appearance of blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, and enlarged pores.

Treatment plan and consultation should be so thorough and in-depth that it will find the root cause of why you are suffering from acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles or dull skin. All which can be revitalised and rebalanced from even just one micro-needling treatment! Every micro-needling treatment, no matter the depth will stimulate over ten different growth factors to flush the skin immediately after treatment. This nourishes and heals the skin from within, creating balance and reestablishing the structure that it once was. Can you imagine multiple treatments of this on a 2-6 week cycle what your skin’s integrity and structure would be like?

A treatment will also allow skincare products to get absorbed into the skin more effectively than a regular application with fingers, as it gets into the deeper layers of our skin, for more powerful results. Targeting the specific area and cells within the skin that requires work and regeneration.

What Skin Conditions a Microneedling Can Treat

If you have any one of the skin issues below, micro needling can be your perfect treatment to address these issues.

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Spots and pigmentations (including dark circles)
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Stretch marks
  • Alopecia (surprisingly)
  • Rosacea
  • lAs well as overall rejuvenation of the skin

Why Does This Treatment So Effective?

The treatment is effective for the skin as it involves physical aspects, making it suitable for all skin type and tone, as well as can be done on nearly all body parts. Since the injuries are minor, recovering from the tiny holes made is quick and it literally has zero downtime! unlike the traditional treatment modalities such as laser and peels which can leave evidence of a hard treatment for days to come, not to mention the risk those other treatments have in comparison.

And get this, in most cases solving the particular issue of the skin with a derma pen 4 shows after just 1 treatment alone and continually gets more results subsequent treatment.

How Dermapen 4 Works Far Better Than Other Microneedling Tools?

Dermapen 4 comes with the latest algorithm and system to offer high precision, speed, and safety in one go. The tool uses 16-needle cartridge – for it to glide easily onto the skin – combined with AOVN Direct Digital Drive capabilities to deliver micro needling benefits in the shortest time possible, with no side effects.


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