With an increase in the awareness about the harmful effects of toxic and synthetic products, people are becoming more conscious about what they are putting into and onto their bodies. Feeding your skin with clean and safe skin care products is as important as feeding your body with the natural and organic food. Today, I’m here to discuss everything about clean beauty and the safety of skin care ingredients to help you better comprehend and make a healthier choice. So, let’s begin!

What is Clean Beauty?

Though there’s no official definition of clean beauty because every brand has their own opinion, but it generally refers to being mindful and ethical when creating skincare products. The products are formulated with ingredients ethically sourced and processed without the use of any toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to our bodies or the environment. People are referring to clean beauty products as a trend, but I’m pretty sure soon it will become a new standard in the beauty industry.

Safety of Skin Care Ingredients

  • Are Chemical Skin Care Ingredients Safe?

The word chemical may sound scary because of the far-reaching negative implications about it, but the truth is everything around us is made up of chemicals, including people. So, there is no such thing as “chemical-free” in skincare products and any brand claiming to sell chemical-free products is simply being dishonest. That being said, there are undoubtedly some potentially harmful chemicals that require a thorough investigation to avoid any possible threats. Many chemicals used in beauty and skincare products are now gaining attention for their adverse effects on skin and health.

  • Are Natural Skin Care Ingredients Safe to use?

People are often compelled to believe that natural skincare products are better for them, but the belief lacks credibility and scientific legitimacy. The term “natural” doesn’t mean safer or chemical-free. Unlike synthetic ingredients, natural ingredients don’t go through extensive scientific testing. Therefore, we may not have fully discovered their potential side effects. For example, a natural product without a tried-and-true preservative system may end up being recalled from the shelves due to the formation of mold and instability issues.  Consequently, a natural skincare product with mold may cause more harm to your skin than good. Most natural skincare brands, especially the smaller ones, use less studied ingredients, experimenting their products directly onto your skin.

  • The Issue of Green-Washing in Beauty

Some brands choose to follow the “clean beauty” method to maintain their standard and ideology, but others are only exploiting this movement to gain profits. These brands use fear to market their products by excluding the ingredients without any proven adverse side effects in the formulation of their products. Since terms like chemical-free, non-toxic, and all-natural don’t have agreed upon definitions, companies can define them to fit their requirements and mislead their users.

  • The Issue of Science-Washing in Beauty

Science-washing or the excessive use of science in beauty and skin care marketing is becoming trendy as a way of capitalizing by making claims beyond the evidence diving deep into scientific findings. These claims are often too sciencey for an average person to understand and question their validity.  It makes the science side of beauty as shady as the green side.

Final Word

Smaller brands are more direct to the consumers, which ensures better quality control and nurtures trust in the brand. An important thing is to be aware of the fact that science has its limits. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to an ingredient, no matter what was the source or the method of production. So, don’t be fooled by claims and labels, know what works the best for your skin. Or if you’ve tried it all and still don’t know, get help from a skin specialist! It is profoundly significant that you consult with your skin specialist= for guidance if you would like results to last a life time. And last but not the least find a source you can trust. That was the aim of this article. You can check my tried and tested favorites here. https://www.ocosmedics.com/

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