Given choice, we all wanted our skin to look as young as it can be regardless of what we do to our skin. But did you know there are a thing or two that causes our skin to age too fast, and we are doing without realizing it? What are the things that we do, that causes our skin to get older than our true age?

What Happens When Your Skin Ages?

I’m not talking about aging signs that happens naturally as we got older – it’s about how our skin gets broken down internally that it shows aging signs way faster than necessary, that makes your skin dull, full of wrinkles, and simply looking older than friends of the similar age range.

And the aging signs include collagen network underneath the skin broken in crumbles (instead of being thoroughly connected with each other), resulting in sagging, wrinkly skin. The topmost layer gets thinner than it supposed to, and change itself to a rougher texture that requires frequent, intensive exfoliation, as well as your skin,  are vulnerable to spots and pigmentations.

What Are The Things We’re Guilty Causing Our Skin To Age Too Fast?

When looking through a multitude of habits that cause our skin to age faster unnecessarily, it all boils down to the top three things that we are guilty of doing.

Sugar_Aging_SkinFor a start, your eating habits determine if it makes your skin get older than necessary. Piling up on processed foods, foods and drinks that are high in preservatives, salt, and sugar are known to causes your skin’s internal structure to break down.

Especially sugar as the main culprit, it binds itself to collagen fiber that causes it gets brittle and broken down into the crumbles, resulting in wrinkly, sagging skin (a process known as advanced glycation endproducts, or a rather aptly acronym, AGE).

To counter the effect is simply avoiding the bad food choices and replacing it with a good one – foods that are in natural form (and eaten as fresh as possible) with loads of protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber with adequate intake of water will ensure the nutrients repair anything that’s wrong with your skin, keeping them supple, nourished, and younger for longer.

This tip probably unheard of but hear me out, using cosmeceutical products can be the way to prevent your skin from aging unnecessarily the products are formulated to contain high quality, pharmaceutical grade and biologically-active ingredients to nourish and repair targeted cells (in this case,cells and skin structure that are vulnerable to aging) that works far superior than a regular skincare routine.

Using this specific range of skin care product (even if at least one) will ensure that the stuff that you use counters aging signs effectively.

And the last one that we are all guilty of, is not wearing sunscreen diligently and wearing it the wrong kind.


A good sunblock should, well, block the sun rays from entering your skin. And a good sunblock is the physical type of sunblock – instead of the chemical one – as it works effectively to shield out UV rays from getting into your skin. And you don’t have to go overboard with the SPF, as a sunblock with SPF 30 with 20% of zinc oxide in the formula is more than enough.


My personal favourite is Mineral Pro SPF 30+ that a moisturizer-sunblock combo that covers broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection, with antioxidant resveratrol to neutralize free radicals and eventually prevent premature signs of aging.


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